29 new plays, 31 produced, 18 cities all from 1 apartment

"I was able to focus entirely on the production, publication, development, and creation of my plays."
- A. Rey Pamatmat, 2011 Fellow

"PoNY changed my life. It will change many lives. PoNY may change theatre, we just have to let it."
- Tommy Smith, 2010 Fellow

"Because of PoNY I got a new agent, and, really, a fresh start."
- Carson Kreitzer, 2007 Fellow

"I was able to pay my bills. I made friends with the doorman. Did I mention I wrote a lot?"
- Tommy Smith, 2010 Fellow

"The [apartment] location allowed me to be a really active member in the NY theatre community."
- A. Rey Pamatmat, 2011 Fellow

"I spent the year just writing, and I wrote six new plays."
- Samuel D. Hunter, 2008 Fellow

"Thank you PoNY for changing my life, and changing the world."
- Carson Kreitzer, 2007 Fellow

"Thank you so much for your commitment to new plays and to new playwrights. This kind of fellowship is unprecedented."
- Samuel D. Hunter, 2008 Fellow

"I wrote six new plays. I rewrote four others."
- Tommy Smith, 2010 Fellow

"This is amazing. This would change everything for me."
- Samuel D. Hunter, 2008 Fellow

"PoNY, in a few short years, has become a vital part of the ecology of New York theater. We are lucky PoNY exists."
- Oskar Eustis, Artistic Director, The Public Theater

"That year I finished 3 plays. I did some tweaks on THE MOUNTAINTOP, and I stayed in New York, which is where I was supposed to be."
- Katori Hall, 2009 Fellow

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A. Rey Pamatmat, Sandi Goff Farkas, Katori Hall, Carson Kreitzer


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