29 new plays, 31 produced, 18 cities all from 1 apartment

"I was able to focus entirely on the production, publication, development, and creation of my plays."
- A. Rey Pamatmat, 2011 Fellow

"PoNY changed my life. It will change many lives. PoNY may change theatre, we just have to let it."
- Tommy Smith, 2010 Fellow

"Because of PoNY I got a new agent, and, really, a fresh start."
- Carson Kreitzer, 2007 Fellow

"I was able to pay my bills. I made friends with the doorman. Did I mention I wrote a lot?"
- Tommy Smith, 2010 Fellow

"The [apartment] location allowed me to be a really active member in the NY theatre community."
- A. Rey Pamatmat, 2011 Fellow

"I spent the year just writing, and I wrote six new plays."
- Samuel D. Hunter, 2008 Fellow

"Thank you PoNY for changing my life, and changing the world."
- Carson Kreitzer, 2007 Fellow

"Thank you so much for your commitment to new plays and to new playwrights. This kind of fellowship is unprecedented."
- Samuel D. Hunter, 2008 Fellow

"I wrote six new plays. I rewrote four others."
- Tommy Smith, 2010 Fellow

"This is amazing. This would change everything for me."
- Samuel D. Hunter, 2008 Fellow

"PoNY, in a few short years, has become a vital part of the ecology of New York theater. We are lucky PoNY exists."
- Oskar Eustis, Artistic Director, The Public Theater

"That year I finished 3 plays. I did some tweaks on THE MOUNTAINTOP, and I stayed in New York, which is where I was supposed to be."
- Katori Hall, 2009 Fellow

The PoNY Fellowship

In Partnership with The LARK

Revolutionizing support for the next generation of playwrights.

Now in its tenth year, the Playwrights of New York (PoNY) Fellowship was founded by playwright Sandi Goff Farkas and The Lark, and was created to provide promising playwrights with the financial freedom to create new plays.

The PoNY Fellowship includes:


1 year of housing in a 1-bedroom doorman apartment in the heart of the theater district in New York City.

Living Expenses

A $2,500 per month stipend for 12 months plus a new $5,000 Rooted in NYC grant if the playwright elects to continue residency in NYC.

Health Insurance

Reimbursement for health insurance for 3 years.


Artistic Support

Comprehensive artistic support through access to programs, staff, and a diverse and expansive artistic community at The Lark in New York City. The selected Fellow receives a seat in the renowned Rita Goldberg Playwrights' Workshop (described in the Requirements section), a program led by award-winning playwright Arthur Kopit and other esteemed dramatists. In addition, the selected Fellow will be given opportunities to hear his/her work aloud at Roundtable sessions and at public readings. All these resources are designed to provide writers the opportunity to develop their work with collaborators on a regular basis and to engage in useful discussions with other writers, actors, directors, and artistic leaders.

Throughout the residency, PoNY Fellows discuss developmental needs with The Lark staff and have access to other Lark programs and residencies as appropriate. PoNY Fellows work closely with The Lark beyond the initial year of the fellowship to continue developing plays begun in the Rita Goldberg Playwrights' Workshop, advance completed plays to production, expand their professional networks, and refine skills related to sustaining a career as a playwright. For more information about The Lark larktheatre.org.


Ponys 002
Left to right: Katori Hall, Samuel D. Hunter, Sandi Goff Farkas,
John Eisner (Artistic Director, The Lark)


Summary of Support

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